Great All Around Binoculars on a Budget

Best Binoculars for the Money

All around binoculars are an important piece of gear you should have along for all kinds of occasions. If you don’t have binoculars in your vacationing or sporting bag, you don’t know what you’re missing. From the outdoors to the football stadium, binoculars make the experience more enjoyable. Binoculars are fantastic tools for enjoying sporting or entertainment events, but they are equally important at providing enjoyment during outdoor activities and family outings.
Making room for exceptional optics on your vacation to a national park, wildlife park, or just a weekend at the lake is essential for wildlife watching, bird watching, and taking in the beauty of distant landscapes. Packing binoculars in your daypack on a family outing, or in the glove box on a road trip, or even on the boat for the weekend provides an additional aspect to your adventuring and travel. The right pair of binoculars can act as an all-purpose tool for many situations. The right binocular for you may not have a specific situation in mind, so it’s in your best interest to find a great binocular for an even better deal. So what are the best binoculars for the money? What do you need to know about binoculars before the buy? This article should help you out!

Binocular Basics

Binoculars come in two different technical types, Porro Prism and Roof Prism designs. Both types of binoculars effectively accomplish the same goal, however there are pros and cons to both types.
Porro Prism Binoculars – With porro prism construction, the eyepiece is offset from the lens. This design generally allows for better depth perception and a wider field of view than roof prism binoculars. Porro prism binoculars are worth a look if your primary purpose is viewing sporting events or landscapes.
Roof Prism Binoculars – Roof prism binoculars are designed with the objective lens and eyepiece in line. This design allows for more compact and lightweight binoculars. The sleek and slim form factor of roof prism binoculars makes them ideal for slipping into a daypack, glove box, or even hanging around your neck.

Best Porro Prism Binoculars on a Budget

Leupold Yosemite – Leupold optics are legendary. Built with the utmost quality and guaranteed for your lifetime. The Leupold Yosemite line of binoculars are the perfect fit for an all around binocular option, and they are easy on your budget! The Leupold BX-1 Yosemite 8X30 porro prism binoculars are an amazing deal on quality optics. With 8 power magnification and a 30mm light gathering objective lens, these binoculars are as all purpose as duct tape!

Nikon Action – The Nikon Action series of binoculars is known for quality lenses and prisms at an affordable price. Utilizing BaK4 high index prisms and Nikon’s Eco-Glass these binoculars offer amazing clarity for the money. Consider the Nikon Action Extreme 12X50 binoculars for that extra reach in magnification. The 12 power magnification is optimal to pull in distant action at the racetrack, football stadium, or baseball park. A perfect choice for sporting events and a great deal makes for a team win!

Vortex Raptor – Vortex Optic’s Raptor line offers great optics at an amazing price point to fit any budget. Built rugged, waterproof, and fogproof; this binocular line offers versatility for all around use. The Vortex Raptor 8.5X32 binoculars are a terrific choice for an all around binocular on a budget. These porro prism binoculars have a compact design that rivals roof prism binoculars. An excellent choice for bird watching, the zoo, or a vacation to a wildlife park, the binoculars are easy to hold and not too heavy while still offering clarity, magnification, and a wide field of view.

Best Roof Prism Binoculars on a Budget

Bushnell H2O – The H2O line of optics by Bushnell is designed with ruggedness and dependability at the forefront. Designed with a ruggedized soft texture grip, these binoculars offer a steady grip in wet and challenging conditions. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged, the H2O binoculars offer reliability and ruggedness paired with economy. The Bushnell H2O 10X42 model is the perfect choice for a weekend at the lake, a canoe trip, or your fishing boat. With multi coated lenses for optimal clarity, 100% waterproof construction, and non-slip rubberized grip; these binoculars are a match for any aquatic sporting activity.

Redfield Rebel – Redfield is a long time trusted name in optics, offering a quality line of budget minded options that are both reliable and ergonomic in the Rebel offering. Designed to be compact and lightweight, the Rebel binoculars design reduces weight and bulk making them more comfortable to use and pack along on your adventures. The 8X32 Redfield Rebel Binoculars are just the ticket for adventuring. Sporting a limited lifetime guarantee, lightweight yet durable aluminum construction, and an advanced compact design; the binoculars won’t get left behind because of bulk or weight.
Minox BF– Check out the Minox BF line of quality binoculars. Designed for universal application, the binoculars are a jack of all trades and fit a variety of uses and needs. Engineered with phase corrected coated lenses, these binoculars provide amazing clarity and contrast even in low light conditions. The Minox BF 10X42 binoculars are an ideal choice for wildlife viewing at 10 power magnification. Take in all the detail of deer, elk, or moose in a remote meadow from behind these exceptional optics. The higher power magnification brings the farthest objects into focus for an optimal viewing experience at an amazing price point.

Other Considerations When Buying Budget Friendly Binoculars

Have More Than One Pair of Binoculars
Unless you’re traveling solo on your adventures, having at least one spare set of binoculars is a must. Sharing the action in between your turns with the binoculars is no way to spend your leisure time. Consider a set of binoculars for everyone in your group and make sure you all get to see the sporting action or wildlife without compromise.
Caring for Your Investment
Quality optics are a long term investment and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Shirt tails and Kleenex are not the appropriate tools to clean your binoculars lenses. A small investment in the right tools to clean your binoculars can ensure their usefulness for years to come. Read the detailed Optic Field Care Guide to take care of your investment.

Leupold Lens Pen – A lens pen is a small investment that will pay big dividends when caring for your binoculars. Compact and easy to use, the microfiber coupled with the dust and lint free brush in one tool is ideal for cleaning your optics on the go.

Include a Pair of All Purpose Binoculars in Your Next Outing

Whether you are an outdoor adventurer out discovering new places, a bird watcher hoping to get a glimpse of a rare feathered friend, or an avid sports fan not wanting to miss any of the action; consider an exceptional pair of binoculars for your kit. Quality optics can be had at budget prices, and the investment will last for years to come.

Best .22 Long Rifle Scopes for Your Situation

.22 Long Rifle Scopes | Best Scopes for Each Situation

The .22 long rifle, or .22 LR, is arguably the most common and popular rifle cartridge in the world. The .22 long rifle is a versatile round offering accuracy, light recoil, and economical shooting.  Developed in 1887 by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. the beloved cartridge is estimated to be in production of 2-2.5 billion rounds per year. .22 LR lends itself to all kinds of shooting disciplines including target shooting, plinking, small game hunting, and shooting education. Odds are the first rifle you ever put to your shoulder was a .22 LR. Due to its immense popularity and vast versatility, the .22 LR is offered in just about every rifle type and action imaginable. From bolt action to semi-auto, break open and rolling block, and even lever action; there is a .22 rifle for every day of the week. Many shooters grow up plinking with a .22 LR and iron sights, learning to shoot and developing a love of the .22 rimfire rifle. Mounting a riflescope atop of a rifle chambered in .22 long rifle opens up a world of new shooting opportunities and better equips it for activities such as hunting small game, target shooting, and preparation for big game season.

There are many options on the market today by trusted manufacturers in scopes made just for rimfire cartridges. Setting up a .22 rifle with a riflescope creates a versatile tool that is practical in so many applications. Deciding which scope is the best fit as a .22 long rifle scope for you and your rifle takes some consideration. Putting the versatile .22 rimfire cartridge to work in a special use case scenario, means topping it with the .22 rimfire scope that is best suited for the job at hand. Take a look at some of these scope options, how they fit your shooting needs and style.

Small Game / Varmint .22 Riflescope

There is no other rifle caliber more suited to hunting and taking small game than the.22 long rifle. The pursuit of squirrels, cottontails, and jackrabbits for sport and table fare can find no better fit than the classic .22 rifle. In the north and west, many states allow the taking of grouse with a .22. Sneaking through heavy conifer forests, creek bottoms, or hardwoods with a rifle combined with a rimfire scope makes for an efficient and practical tool. Taking advantage of small game seasons in between big game hunts keeps hunters sharp, and extends time in the field.

The .22 LR is also a formidable tool for varmint control. Small, quiet, and accurate; a. 22 rifle is an excellent choice for taking care of critters like pack rats and possums, all the way up to crows and raccoons. Having a handy rifle on hand chambered in .22 LR for varmint control is a tool for every farm, ranch, and camp.

Outfitting your .22 rifle with a fixed 4X scope like the Weaver Rimfire 4X28 Dual X is a great option for a small-bore rimfire hunting rifle. The simple fixed magnification and instant focus on a fixed power scope is ideal for the .22 rifle and its effective range.

Big Game Clone Rifle in .22 LR

Spending time behind the stock of a big game rifle is an excellent way to develop accuracy and consistency. However, continued recoil can take its toll, and the repeated pounding from most centerfire hunting rifles can cause a shooter to develop a flinch in anticipation of the shot. The cost of shooting large caliber rifles is also a concern when you’re putting in time behind a riflescope in preparation of hunting season. If you run a hundred rounds through your centerfire big game rifle on a Saturday afternoon, both your wallet and your shoulder will take a pounding.

One fantastic solution to the recoil and expense dilemma is to build a copy of your big game rifle chambered in .22 LR. With so many .22 rifle options on the market, chances are you can find one extremely similar to your hunting rifle. Look for features like a quality trigger that is similar to the one on your hunting rifle, comparable weight, fit, and feel, and of course top the new rifle with a similar scope that you run on your hunting rifle.

The Leupold VX-Freedom 3-9X40 Rimfire on a .22 LR bolt gun is an amazing choice for a clone rifle replicating the ever popular bolt action rifle with a variable scope. This waterproof and fog proof optic offers unbeatable optical performance at a price that is easy on your paycheck.

Target Shooting and Plinking .22 Rimfire Riflescope

Cost savings and reduced recoil not only come into consideration for big game hunters, but for target shooting enthusiasts, new shooters, and plinkers as well. Twenty-two caliber rifles are practically perfect for learning the basics of shooting, for plinking at tin cans, and can be accurized for dead on precision as well. Another aspect of shooting a .22 long rifle is the advantage of utilizing indoor shooting ranges. Spending time at an indoor range during extreme weather opens a door to a new block of time behind the trigger.

A basic variable scope that is lightweight with adjustable zoom and focus makes for a practical all-around optic for a practical all around rifle. The Nikon ProStaff Rimfire II 4-12X40 with BDC reticle is the perfect match for an all around .22 rimfire scope and rifle matchup. With adjustable magnification from 4 power all the way up to 12, and the light gathering capability of a 40mm objective lens, the Nikon Prostaff Rimfire is as versatile as the .22 caliber cartridge.


Tactical and AR-Style Riflescopes for .22 Long Rifle

Tactical shooting, drills, and practice are not immune to the same woes of shooting big game rifles when it comes to cost and recoil. Many shooters cherish going the range to work on tactical drills and training and experience a need for something cheaper and more forgiving to shoot. With either a bolt gun in hand, a repeating rifle such as the ever popular 10-22, or one of the many available AR-style rifles chambered in .22LR; the advantages that come with shooting the .22 rimfire cartridge come into play.

Optics manufacturers have taken notice of the emerging trend of tactical shooters investing practice time with rifles chambered in .22 long rifle in hand. There are options on the market for tactical style scopes designed specifically as .22 rimfire tactical scopes that will fit your tactical rifle and shooting style like a glove.

Nikon’s AR P-Rimfire 2-7X32 with Nikoplex reticle is a perfect example of tactical glass made just for tactical style shooting. Designed with large easy to adjust tactical style turrets and engineered just for the .22 long rifle cartridge, the Nikon AR P-Rimfire is an excellent choice.

Consider a .22 Long Rifle Scoped Rifle for Your Shooting

No other rifle cartridge is as easy to shoot, cost-effective, and commonly available than the .22 long rifle cartridge. Building a rifle chambered in such a versatile and flexible round obviously calls for a quality rifle scope to match. Whether you’re planning on taking small game, plinking at the range, working on tactical drills, or developing accuracy; a .22 rimfire rifle topped with a .22 rimfire riflescope is just the ticket.